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In accordance with the Ethical Code, the Journal adopts a peer-review process for the evaluation of the submitted papers.


Following the scientific evaluation of the editors on the consistency of the manuscript with the line of the Journal, the papers are subjected to a double-blind peer-review process carried out with due regard for the anonymity of authors and reviewers. The evaluation is entrusted to two reviewers identified by the supervisors of the peer-review process among experts on the subject matter. They should be free of conflict of interest.


The reviewers formulate their opinions taking into account the following parameters: originality of the contribution; correctness of the method; completeness of the analysis carried out; congruence and clarity of the conclusions; completeness of the quotations.


On the basis of these parameters, the reviewers are asked to express a brief opinion choosing one the following options: the article can be published in its current shape; the article can be published subject to partial modifications; the article cannot be published. The synthetic opinion of the reviewer should be supported by a consistent analytical opinion.


The results of the review process are communicated to the author who provides for the necessary changes. In the case of conflicting opinions between the two reviewers, a third reviewer may be appointed to carry out an additional evaluation.


All the papers submitted to the journal are subjected to the review process. However, editors may decide not to review the essays submitted by particularly prestigious authors. In this case they must indicate it.


The list of the reviewers of the last three years and the percentage of requests for modification and rejection can be asked to the supervisors of the peer-review process.



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